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Society of Space Professionals

To unite, to teach and learn, and to explore.

About Vis Viva

Vis Viva is a member-centric society for space professionals, providing a platform to exchange ideas and thoughts on space topics regularly and on a high level.

Establish a society exclusive to space professionals of diverse backgrounds; to foster her member’s strive for excellence; endorse European space exploration and exploitation; and stimulate interaction between all parties involved.

★ Provide a forum for the interaction and intellectual exchange between space professionals.
★ Advocate and stimulate the European exploration and exploitation of space.
★ Advocate and stimulate education in space engineering and sciences.

What we do:

Organize activities with a mission

So what have we done in the past?

Vis Viva is a young and dynamic society dedicated to connecting space academia, (governmental) organisations, and industry.

Featured events

Bi-weekly #37: Orion MPCV

Bi-weekly #36: Habitable Exoplanets

Bi-weekly #35: DEIMOS-F


Contact Us

Society Vis Viva
Astrodynamics and Space Missions
Kluyverweg 1
2629 HS Delft
The Netherlands


PnP Satellite Team needs YOU!

After a very interesting talk last week about Plug-and-Play satellites by Ran Qedar, we have an exciting announcement for you. The PnP Satellite team is recruiting and is looking for team members that want to help design and build the…

Upcoming bi-weekly #26: News Round-up Jun-Sep ’14

Resuming our regular schedule, the next bi-weekly meeting will take place next Wednesday. With everyone back from holidays and the start of the new academic year, it is time to reflect on the months past and discuss what has happened…

PubQuiz III: Return of the quiz!

The Vis Viva Space Pub Quiz is back! The third iteration of this bar-event will be hosted by Saish. Prepare your space trivia, because you will need it! See you all next week Wednesday in Delft for another fun and…

SpaceUp NL Review

On May 10 and 11, the first Dutch SpaceUp “unconference” was held at Space Expo, Noordwijk, The Netherlands. Vis Viva was co-organisor and sponsor of SpaceUpNL. Fellows Jacco Geul and Frederik Bräuer lead in the organisation on our behalf. This is…

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