Upcoming bi-weekly #22: Kerbal Space Program

Apr 23, 2014

This time we’ll digress from the usual format—and have a workshop, rather than a talk or discussion.

First we’ll give a short introduction on the spaceflight game and simulator “Kerbal Space Program” from a space engineer’s perspective: which models are used? how does the simulation work? After that we’ll give you a small show case of what can be done in KSP.

After the intro you’ll get to show off your mastery of space engineering: we’ll distribute demo copies of KSP, which will allow you to build your own rocket. We will announce a small competition, and the winner will get a prize!

Please bring your laptop to participate in the competition!


  • Introduction to Kerbal Space Program
    Gjalt Annega and Ingo Gerth
  • Competion

Date and location

If you are interested in attending this event, pleases shoot us a message!

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