Upcoming bi-weekly #24: Olfar and discussion

May 17, 2014

The next regular meeting is coming up!

We have a great agenda for you this time, with a talk and a discussion to be enjoyed while having a cold drink.


  • Olfar, Space-based array for radio astronomy
    Raj Thilak Rajan, MSc
  • Discussion on the effects of the Ukraine crisis on space programmes
    Ingo Gerth, BSc and you guys
Raj Thilak Rajan received M.Sc (with distinction) and B.Sc (with distinction) in Electronic science from University of Pune, India in 2006 and 2004 respectively. He is presently with the Digital and Embedded Signal Processing (DESP) RnD group at ASTRON, The Netherlands (since 2008). He is also a PhD candidate at TU Delft, The Netherlands, where he works on signal processing aspects of the OLFAR project under the supervision of Prof. dr. ir. Alle-Jan van der Veen.

Date and location

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