Upcoming bi-weekly #25: Spectropolarimetry

Jun 02, 2014

Following our regular cadence, the next bi-weekly meeting will take place on Wednesday.

After rather philosophical discussion and talks of general interest, a more technical subject is coming up—though drinks won’t be spared!


  • IMPS: a new instrument for doing spectropolarimetry
    Thijs Arts, BSc
Thijs Arts, MSc student at TU Delft will give us a (spectro)polarimetry 101 and join our society! During his research visit at the university of Florida he worked on the IMPS instrument, which he will introduce to us. Click for LinkedIn Profile

Date and location

Please join our Facebook event here to give Thijs’ talk some exposure.

If you are not a Vis Viva Fellow yet, just let us know that you’re coming!

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